What We Do

WE-ARE-AMP is an independent creative studio with a clear-cut vision on visual and graphic design. We believe that a powerful idea transcends a fixed style and is not restricted to a single manner of execution. That makes us a concept driven studio that aims to come up with contemporary visual concepts that are genuine, courageous and significant. We operate in the domain where powerful ideas turn into meaningful designs for a wide range of clients. So far we’ve worked for – and with – municipalities, universities, visual artists, NGO’s a brewery and lots of other like-minded individuals and creatives.

Who We Are

WE-ARE-AMP is founded by Tim Heijmans and Moniek Ellen. Both rooted in conceptual and experimental graphic design and with a healthy interest in current events and new media we set up our small studio in The Hague in 2012. With a strong DIY attitude we work on branding assingments, graphic identities and stategy, printed matter, spatial design and interactive works.

Contact: post@we-are-amp.com

who we are

Moniek Ellen

+31 (0)6 52391610


who we are

Tim Heijmans

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Where We Are

We invite you to visit our studio which is located in the heart of De Besturing, a cultural breeding ground in the inland port of The Hague (NL). Working alongside a coloured multitude of different design disciplines we make sure that we're keeping close ties with the architects, writers, photographers and artists working in and around our studio complex. This results in fertile collaborations and new opportunities and techniques to execute our concepts and ideas. There is a lot of workspace surrounding our small office which provides us with all the space we need to create work when not behind a computer, whether we need a quick pop-up photo studio or when working with raw materials.